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  1. SF express (Other)
  2. scam group (Other)
    scam call, investment, job opportunities or bait for credit card number, they got info by posting fake job posters
  3. Tmobile (Other)
  4. 袁春红 (Other)
  5. scam group (Other)
    scam call, investment, job opportunities or bait for credit card number, they got info by posting fake job posters
  6. movistar (Other)
  7. other (Call Missed)
  8. unknown (Other)
  9. Kudrat Partners & Co (Other)
  10. 自稱 - 順豐 (Other)
  11. 大眾財務 (Other)
  12. Medical clinin (Other)
  13. Nbk (Other)
  14. ANSON Brother (不詳)
  15. Dating (other)
  16. vodafone (Other)
  17. sex worker cold call (Other)
    making 10 calls in 10 minutes, also repeated 10 calls per day, wanna to pitch for door-to-door sex worker service
  18. Chua yee hian (Other)
  19. ? (Other)
  20. Personal (Other)
    This number is only for personal use. No any frauds or money related.
  21. scam group (Other)
    scam call, investment, job opportunities or bait for credit card number, they got info by posting fake job posters
  22. fking unwanted call. Probably robor (other)
  23. 長康裝修 (Other)
  24. Unknown (Other)
  25. Unknown (Other)
    Janitorial for offices (telemarketing call)
  26. maxis (Other)
  27. CMB (Other)
    交友app CMB 韓仔假相 自稱台灣馬來西亞mix 會俾到台灣身分證你睇 最終其實目的就係為左哄人投資ETH以太坊之類虛擬貨幣
  28. Bzvdb (Other)
  29. Currypc world (Other)
  30. unknown (Other)
    The caller keeps calling me day after day several times per day after being told plainly and directly to leave me alone and to stop calling me. I told him I am not interested in whatever he is selling or trying to scam me with. He gets more pushy and more argumentative every time he calls. He sounds like either Indian or Pakistani and is beginning to frighten me as his attitude is turning into stronger harassment like terrorism. I want him and his company to stop calling me as I'm beginning to feel I am no longer safe and what he is doing is extremely illegal spamming of the public.
  31. Unknown (other)
    Faked parcel service claiming unpaid shipping fee
  32. 點數黨 (Other)
  33. ... (Other)
  34. Matt/ 王世濤 (Other)
    交友app 認識 自稱 台中人 香港創業元朗開設計公司 提及虛擬貨幣
  35. Anson Brother (財務借貸)
  36. other (不詳)
  37. Goodwill (Other)
  38. other (不詳)
  39. Ambank (Other)
  40. staffing.net (Other)
  41. VIVO (Other)
  42. COBC (Other)
    China Scammer
  43. MOH (Other)
    From a Voice Machine -----This is a Call from MOH , you are required to packed and report to Quarantine location
  44. Personal (Other)
  45. Brother (不詳)
  46. Debt collector (Other)
    Harassment from debtor collector
  47. K.A. (Other)
    Horoscope call - french
  48. H Development Group (Other)
  49. 投資 (Other)
  50. Unknown (Other)
    what's app
  51. n/a (Other)
  52. abc (Other)
  53. 200 full service (Other)
  54. Brother (不詳)
  55. HSBC (Other)
  56. n/a (Other)
  57. 不明來電 (Other)
  58. Ikea (Other)
  59. Brother (不詳)
  60. Neo Skin Lab (Other)
  61. Fraud (Other)
  62. Brother (不詳)
  63. Don't know (Other)
    Always calls
  64. Ahlong (Other)
  65. Brother (不詳)
  66. Salon (Other)
  67. N/A (Other)
  68. unknown harassing caller Continuously calling at least 20 times within 5 mins and when I picked up to answer, the person from the other side kept repeating what I am saying. Once I hung up, the person start calling repeatedly again ! (無聽)
  69. Brother (不詳)
  70. Brother (不詳)
  71. Brother (不詳)
  72. Sex (Other)
  73. other (提高警覺)
  74. Other (Other)
  75. Citibank (Other)
    Credit card scam
  76. Hi (Other)
  77. Brother (不詳)
  78. N/a (Other)
  79. 自稱刷卡調查 (Other)
  80. Nil (Other)
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