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  1. No company person (Other)
    Was given in an email
  2. facebook (Other)
  3. Public Bank (Other)
    Received called from 0327782744 and that person told me that I'm owing PBB about RM104k++ and offer settlement of RM35k instead while I don't have any facilities with PBB. Then she told me to contact this number 0172001470 to reach out to them as they are from collection department of PBB. I ignored them and hang up the call then called PBB customer service and they told me is scam call.
  4. Salon (Other)
  5. Hi (Other)
  6. K.A. (Other)
    Horoscope call - french
  7. Shopee (Other)
    SMS scam
  8. stranger (Other)
    What'sApp message asking if I am a tour guide
  9. n/a (Other)
    Check call history club
  11. Meyerbtc (Other)
    Crypto scammer
  12. Brother (不詳)
  13. 自稱刷卡調查 (Other)
  14. Don't know (Other)
    Always calls
  15. Perverted Call (Other)
    This person called me and started to moan
  16. Brother (不詳)
  17. unknown (Other)
  18. coldcall (other)
  19. Brother (不詳)
  20. HSBC (Other)
  21. n/a (Other)
  22. Bzvdb (Other)
  23. . (Other)
  24. ... (Other)
  25. Kk (Other)
  26. facebook (Other)
  27. Anson Brother (財務借貸)
  28. Not known (Other)
  29. ANSON Brother (不詳)
  30. Kudrat Partners & Co (Other)
  31. gay mens health crisis hotline (Other)
    i picked up there call and next think i knew, i had covid. do not answer!!!
  32. Pretend to be Courier services (Other)
  33. Nil (Other)
  34. “trading company” (Other)
    Claim to be a trader to offer advice and to check their website. Knows my name as well which is suspicious and does not let you check the website on your own. Will give it to you only if you are at the computer which seems all the more suspicious
  35. Public Bank (Other)
  36. quality health care physiotherapy center central (不詳)
  37. Legal Express Courier (Other)
    ask for bank account to clear parcel.. the account me than HKD 5000- HKD10000, cheater... dont believe this...
  38. Shopee Merchant (Other)
    Shopee merchant impersonator who whatsapp Shopee customers to arrange refund on overcharged orders. Later proceed to offer part time online jobs.
  39. Website statute.top (Other)
  40. Brother (不詳)
  41. 投資 (Other)
    Check call history
  43. Brother (不詳)
  44. Medical clinin (Other)
  45. Unknown (other)
    Faked parcel service claiming unpaid shipping fee
  46. scam group (Other)
    cam call, investment, job opportunities or bait for credit card number, they got info by posting fake job posters
  47. 詐騙電話 (Other)
  48. true career sg (Other)
    personal infor phishing
  49. 網上交友騙案 (Other)
  50. Pretending to be Police from China (Other)
    The caller speaks Putunghua
  51. Sex (Other)
  52. N/A (Other)
  53. 呃人 (Other)
    自稱台灣人,同你噓寒問暖,傾幾日之後開始嚟,以太坊,俾我識穿咗之後就block 我
  54. No Idea (Other)
    Never pick up
  55. staffing.net (Other)
  56. 不明來電 (Other)
  57. Private (Other)
    Pedofile pig, trying to contact my son
  58. Scam (Other)
  59. Brother (不詳)
  60. Unknown (Other)
  61. SF express (Other)
  62. unknown (Other)
  63. 長康裝修 (Other)
  64. unknown (Other)
    The caller keeps calling me day after day several times per day after being told plainly and directly to leave me alone and to stop calling me. I told him I am not interested in whatever he is selling or trying to scam me with. He gets more pushy and more argumentative every time he calls. He sounds like either Indian or Pakistani and is beginning to frighten me as his attitude is turning into stronger harassment like terrorism. I want him and his company to stop calling me as I'm beginning to feel I am no longer safe and what he is doing is extremely illegal spamming of the public.
  65. KES SYSTEM (other)
  66. Brother (不詳)
  67. Brother (不詳)
  68. abc (Other)
  69. redirect to other line (政府機構)
  70. Alpha Store Malaysia (Other)
    Scammer to sell cheap desktop with all those free monitor, keyboard and mouse
  71. Fraud (Other)
  72. other (提高警覺)
  73. Hut (Other)
  74. 中国 (Other)
    说是抄快递单赚钱 跟你讲了确定入职又转第二个客服 第二个客服让你付钱说可以返款结果转第三个客服又要多付款一次才可以退款 诈骗的 part time job scammer fraud
  75. Volkman, Reynolds and DuBuque (Other)
  76. M (Other)
    接0173660952后的第二个客服 cheat you to bank in and say that can be refund but pass you to the third customer service(she said is big boss).the big boss will said that you must transfer one more time (amount become more)so can be refund together with first time transfer amount part time job scammer
  77. N/a (Other)
  78. Ambank (Other)
  79. Valentino (Other)
    自稱Valentino HK 人事部Donna
  80. ? (Other)

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