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2022-11-30 01:46:50
電話號碼: Other
電話號碼來自: 香港


檢舉電話 Other


  1. Tinder (Other)
  2. Iphone Give Away (Other)
    Scammer For Instagram
  3. Recruitment Agent (Other)
    Multiple identities/ Recruitment agent/ Tranquil Yoga Studio/ HR
  4. Undisclosed (Other)
  5. Chua yee hian (Other)
  6. JunkCall (Other)
  7. States Publishers Clearing House (Other)
    Scam guy says he's Robert Miller & you have won money, and a car but have to pay a $245 delivery fee that is refundable & the car will be delivered by UPS!
  8. Dating (other)
  9. cosmatic (Other)
  10. 0986937287 (Other)
  11. Claiming to be headhunter (Other)
  12. Unknown (Other)
  13. LHDN (Other)
  14. Darrin Hamann (Other)
    https://youtu.be/4lNSLxTBs6g https://youtu.be/0NfF5KluGPQ https://youtu.be/H59WjbUoDNQ https://youtu.be/tjfGR9o_cXE https://youtu.be/p_QjqT8QPao https://youtu.be/ClwXewCiSG0 https://youtu.be/6wpfx-u8eUg https://youtu.be/tXxr1XsSZeg https://youtu.be/auoN5MhIMy0 https://youtu.be/vfjMOLOQQn4 https://youtu.be/vIpGD5Y1rEA
  15. Sunway Velocity (Other)
  16. Loan sharks (Other)
    Debt collector
  17. Act as friend (Other)
    Impersonation as someone who knows you
  18. TMNET (Other)
  19. Rania Hasna Rachel Lim, crazy neighbour who keeps illegal cat in HDB! (Other)
    Rania Hasna Rachel Lim, crazy neighbour who keeps illegal cat in HDB!
  20. Hongkong Science Technology Park (Other)
    Love scam.
  21. whats app留言用菲律賓語言詢問購買媽媽飯盒事宜Whats app leave a message in Filipino language to ask about buying a mother’s lunch box (提高警覺)
    先what's app留言後再致電另一來電,似用網絡黑客方式查手機資料致電,專業騙徒手法leave a message on whatsapp before calling another call, like using a network hacker program to check the phone information and call, very professional tricks
  22. dont know (Other)
  23. Hong Kong Disneyland (Other)
  24. Illegal eSports Betting/Spam (Other)
    Hi bro you wanna try it luck? Weekly acc 0 Deposit Cash acc 50% Bonus #Soccer #Live Casino #Slot Easy Register Easy Withdrawal Register: wa.me/+6581477494
  25. Nil (Other)
  26. St engineering (Other)
    Know about call
  27. Elusive caller from a supposed recruitment firm (Other)
  28. Bernama Part-time Announcer (Other)
    claims to be the Wife of Mark Peter of LLIR.
    Check call history club
  30. Brother (不詳)
  31. Bzvdb (Other)
  32. Medical (Other)
  33. scam group (Other)
    scam call, investment, job opportunities or bait for credit card number, they got info by posting fake job posters
  34. Hi (Other)
  35. Sex (Other)
  36. 點數黨 (Other)
  37. JunkCall (Other)
  38. 信貸風險管理部 (Other)
    **同下事件一樣,冇打去,上網查即見此文,所以複製文字,謝謝* 信貸風險管理部 Credit Review Department (提高警覺) 日前收到一封用白信封寄來的信件,信封面及信件內容均顯示了自己名字和地址,但信紙的信頭信尾全無公司名字,只有信貸風險管理部中英文的印章,內容指閣下尚未清還本月份之分期供款,要求回電39514089趙先生,不知騙徒怎樣會取得個人資料,大家務必小心注意。
  39. Nil (Other)
  40. High Court (Other)
    Claim to have outstanding summons on you.
  41. KES SYSTEM (other)
  42. KES SYSTEM (other)
    Calling record
  43. Headhunter (Other)
  44. Keong Ying Tze Serene, Prudential Financial Planner, Sabotaged Ex-husband And Manipulated Son (Other)
    Keong Ying Tze Serene, Prudential Financial Planner, Sabotaged Ex-husband And Manipulated Son
  45. vodafone (Other)
  46. 狗公 (Other)
    譚智x 出沒各大交友APP 假相 有病 無套
  47. Amee Uribe (Other)
    Hello, 們是逆向工程專家,業務不單單只是SEO推廣和培訓,更擁有集Google,Facebook,Instagram,Amazon,Walmart,廣告優化等各種平臺黑科技於一身, 還有防止被對手惡點點擊廣告同時又打擊對手谷歌廣告技術,不講求過程,只講求結果! 我們講求的是速度,讓程序代替人手,讓AI系統自動處理,科學的數據分析,技術的創新方案,自動化的流程,量化您的生意! Leo Websit: https://leohui.net/ Email: [email protected] 關鍵詞: <a href="https://leohui.net/">香港seo</a> | <a href="https://leohui.net/">seo培訓</a> | <a href="https://leohui.net/">網站排名</a>
  48. Unknown (Other)
    Suspected SCAM! Whatsapp message. Offering job but does not get to the details. Asking your sirname first. DO NOT GIVE YOUR SIRNAME DETAILS.
  49. ... (Other)
  50. 大環區樓盤 (Other)
  51. Scammer (Other)
    Scam call!
  52. Shopee Merchant (Other)
    Shopee merchant impersonator who whatsapp Shopee customers to arrange refund on overcharged orders. Later proceed to offer part time online jobs.
  53. HKJC (Other)
    if not member do not answer call if.yes answer it
  54. M (Other)
    接0173660952后的第二个客服 cheat you to bank in and say that can be refund but pass you to the third customer service(she said is big boss).the big boss will said that you must transfer one more time (amount become more)so can be refund together with first time transfer amount part time job scammer
  55. Credence recruitment (Other)
  56. HK Movon HR Recruitment (Other)
    I'm Vivian, Nice to meet you. From HK Movon HR Recruitment. May i share some details with you? We are helping several companies in Hong Kong to recruit. Offers a variety of positions that you can do at your leisure. Full-time/Part-time/Freelance/Wfh Requirements: -20years old or above -Salary issue via HK online banking -Local / PR / visa holder
  57. Shopee (Other)
    Shopee scam offering part time job
  58. CMB (Other)
    交友app CMB 韓仔假相 自稱台灣馬來西亞mix 會俾到台灣身分證你睇 最終其實目的就係為左哄人投資ETH以太坊之類虛擬貨幣
  59. Lalamove Customer (Other)
  60. JunkCall (Other)
  61. JunkCall (Other)
  62. bishan street 24 (Other)
  63. pos laju (Other)
  64. Just got calls (Other)
    Get calls but cuts off
  65. NA (Other)
  66. other (提高警覺)
  67. Valentino (Other)
    自稱Valentino HK 人事部Donna
  68. A sales call Sharon ho (Other)
    junk call
  69. ANSON Brother (不詳)
  70. AIQON Sdn Bhd (Other)
  71. Brother (不詳)
  72. form IG store (Other)
    scammer jual phone dgn harga yg murah
  73. On9 (Other)
  74. Whatsapp 順豐速遞(SF EXPRESS) 我是付負海外寄/取件事務 我姓 黃 (Other)
  75. Macao News (Other)
  76. Public Bank (Other)
    Received called from 0327782744 and that person told me that I'm owing PBB about RM104k++ and offer settlement of RM35k instead while I don't have any facilities with PBB. Then she told me to contact this number 0172001470 to reach out to them as they are from collection department of PBB. I ignored them and hang up the call then called PBB customer service and they told me is scam call.
  77. Dating (Other)
  78. unknown (Other)
  79. - (Other)
  80. Pretend to be Courier services (Other)

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Let's Google it~


  1. 推銷大灣區樓盤 (外判推銷)
  2. 私人財務借貸 (財務借貸)
  3. 保險 (保險)
  4. 樂施会 (不詳)
  5. 凱基銀行 (銀行投資)
  6. 廖創興銀行 (不詳)
  7. 大衆/观塘 (不詳)
  8. 11 (無聽)
  9. 會籍消費 (會籍消費)
  10. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  11. 收數 (不詳)
  12. HKBN_Installation (不詳)
  13. CSL (電訊廣播)
  14. HSBC (銀行投資)
  15. idk (政府機構)
  16. 安信 (財務借貸)
  17. 政府 (政府機構)
  18. 地產 (其他)
  19. 貴利放數集团 (不詳)
  20. 鴨利洲大街兒科診所 (不詳)
  21. 匯豐 (不詳)
  22. 安信信貸 (財務借貸)
  23. Hsbc (不詳)
  24. ZA Bank (不詳)
  25. directed to a ring tone (提高警覺)
  26. 大眾財務 (財務借貸)
  27. 財務公司 (財務借貸)
  28. Citi bank (不詳)
  29. 垃圾now tv (電訊廣播)
  30. VTC sir (大專院校)
  31. 恒生 (不詳)
  32. 宏利 (保險)
  33. 大眾銀行 (銀行投資)
  34. 地產 (地產)
  35. 自稱食水檢測服務 (不詳)
  36. 非牟利機構 (非牟利機構)
  37. 有線電視 (電訊廣播)
  38. 呃人電話 (提高警覺)
  39. 香港寬頻帳戶管理部 (不詳)
  40. 大陸地產 (其他)
  41. 中移動 (不詳)
  42. HSBC customer service (不詳)
  43. CSL (不詳)
  44. 快達票K11代售點 (不詳)
  45. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  46. 中移動 (電訊廣播)
  47. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  48. 滙豐財務 (財務借貸)
  49. 美聯物業 (其他)
  50. 香港寬頻 (不詳)
  51. JunkCall (提高警覺)
  52. 不知名 (其他)
  53. 大灣區房地產 (不詳)
  54. MT TV super (電訊廣播)
  55. st john (非牟利機構)
  56. 不明 (地產物業)
  57. 恆生銀行 (財務借貸)
  58. 安信 (不詳)
  59. 收數 (提高警覺)
  60. 星展|DBS (金融投資)
  61. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  62. 香港寬頻 (不詳)
  63. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  64. 香港製造業行政、管理及工程技術人員總會 (不詳)
  65. 安信。 (財務借貸)
  66. 不明Cold call (不明來電)
  67. DBS (Bank investment)
    automatic voice
  68. 馬會 (不詳)
  69. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  70. 中國銀行香港 (不詳)
  71. 地產 (其他)
  72. 大陸地產 (不詳)
  73. sex industry selling (Unknown call)
    every one hour make a call to ask for requiring SEX or not. they made 10 calls in 10mins.
  74. 柬埔寨詐騙 (銀行投資)
  75. 雅居樂花園 (提高警覺)
  76. 恆生銀行 (銀行投資)
  77. 大衆銀行 (銀行投資)
  78. 假冒衛生署錄音 (其他)
  79. 大眾 (無聽)
  80. 大眾銀行 (財務借貸)


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