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  1. Research Company (政府機構)
    Research company called said authorize by Hong Kong Housing Authority. She know my surname and where i living
  2. did not state any (Unknown call)
    ask about investment, ask about stock if we have any
  3. 不明 (無聽)
  4. N/A (不明來電)
  5. 深圳銀行 (銀行投資)
  6. CMB (金融投資)
    CMB app scammer
  7. 不明 (金融投資)
  8. 不詳 (無聽)
  9. Hsbc (Other)
  10. 香港醫療協會 (醫院)
  11. 唔知 (無聽)
  12. Scammer (Call Missed)
  13. 香港醫療協會 (提高警覺)
    推銷醫療檢查 https:/www.baby-kingdom.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=22010421
  14. 旅遊機構 (不明來電)
  15. Unknown (Unknown call)
    Modus Operandi: Caller called to inform change of number and ask you to guess who he is? Once you made a guess, he will admit that identity to scam you.
  16. 男騙子 (金融投資)
    交友app 外匯騙案騙子
  17. Cold call (無聽)
  18. 邮件 (電訊廣播)
  19. 小心詐騙 (無聽)
    電話留言 : 電話異常即將停止服務
  20. 交友apps (提高警覺)
    自稱台灣人 台灣讀完書去大陸發展搵到啲錢再黎香港開公司(it軟件)!對為調情 之後教你玩BTC 之後你無錢就即棄
  21. China Scammers (Call Missed)
  22. MCI (Call Missed)
  23. 未知 (提高警覺)
  24. HK WECHAT (提高警覺)
    無故收到 wechat (HK) SMS , 勿回覆SMS.
  25. 中國移動 (提高警覺)
  26. 康健医療 (其他)
  27. 自稱強積金 (提高警覺)
    星期六下午七點鐘 ,男人打來自稱強積金。 我覺得無厘頭我話下 邊間公司的強積金部門森林chord 星期六 晚上 七點鐘 ,自稱強積金打電話嚟。 我問:是哪一家公司的強積金部門? 對方話死八婆食蕉!
  28. 财務 (提高警覺)
  29. Cmb (金融投資)
    自稱justin李世傑 甜言蜜語後叫你買bitcon
  30. 不詳 (財務借貸)
  31. No (不明來電)
  32. DBS (不明來電)
  33. Maybank (Financial Lending)
    Loan Officer
  34. Kfc (Restaurant)
  35. 不知道 (提高警覺)
    全程用普通話, 又講得出我全名, 話我信用咭過期, 懷疑詐騙
  36. 唔知 (美容瘦身)
  37. Maxis (Unknown call)
  38. 唔知 (無聽)
    星期六阻人瞓覺 快啲死啦仆街
  39. 自稱宏利 (保險)
  40. 未知 (無聽)
  41. 不明 (財務借貸)
  42. Amazon (提高警覺)
    話自己係Amazon, 要拎你OTP
  43. CoCo (其他)
  44. 非法電話數,黑社會爛仔,非法盜用資料高利貸大耳窿放數,若收到此電話請報警求助 (提高警覺)
  45. 黑社會(雞) (其他)
  46. 呃裸照 (其他)
  47. 不詳 (不明來電)
  48. 不明 (提高警覺)
  49. CIMB (Raise alertness)
    Muhammad syazwan bin eadie azid, No.56,4/32 jln bse,bandar seri ehsan,42700 banting,selangor darul ehsan, Banting, 42700, Selangor
  50. "猜猜我是誰"騙 (不明來電)
  51. 唔知 (無聽)
  52. To be further confirm (不明來電)
  53. Public Bank (Other)
    Received called from 0327782744 and that person told me that I'm owing PBB about RM104k++ and offer settlement of RM35k instead while I don't have any facilities with PBB. Then she told me to contact this number 0172001470 to reach out to them as they are from collection department of PBB. I ignored them and hang up the call then called PBB customer service and they told me is scam call.
  54. Cmb (提高警覺)
    Cmb 自稱james(但cmb acc 叫jamie)台灣人來港差唔多兩年,想係灣仔開cafe shop, 專研究eth,但連ethereum同crypto都搞唔清楚既人
  55. 鯉魚門循道衛理幼稚園 (教育)
  56. nothing (不明來電)
  57. 三合會 (提高警覺)
  58. 詐騙 (無聽)
  59. big 6 (Call Missed)
    cold call
  60. 美容院 (美容瘦身)
  61. E-mini (金融投資)
  62. 衛生局 (政府機構)
  63. Marutk (Blocked by software)
  64. Idk (財務借貸)
  65. 不知名 (提高警覺)
  66. 自稱香港醫學服務協會 (提高警覺)
  67. 不明 (提高警覺)
  68. 順豐 (不明來電)
  69. (提高警覺)
  70. 御美堂 (美容瘦身)
  71. 廣告 (提高警覺)
  72. States Publishers Clearing House (Other)
    Scam guy says he's Robert Miller & you have won money, and a car but have to pay a $245 delivery fee that is refundable & the car will be delivered by UPS!
  73. Agent (Financial Investment)
    Cold call ... never answer call not in your contact list
  74. 好心人 (教育)
    愛國 正義人士
  75. (所謂)MPF代理公司 (提高警覺)
  76. 入境處 (政府機構)
  77. 蕭騙子 (會籍消費)
    信佢一成 雙目失敗 嫌錢多就信佢
  78. 不明 (無聽)
  79. 邦民日本財務 (財務借貸)
  80. (無聽)
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