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電話分類To be confirmed
電話分類Call Missed

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To be confirmed來電記錄

  1. Idk (Call Missed)
  2. unknown (Call Missed)
  3. 投資 (Other)
  4. unknown (Unknown call)
  5. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Government agency)
  6. Goexpressstar (Other)
  7. PWCC (Unknown call)
  8. SRR (Non-profit organization)
    Not sure what this was about.
  9. Tg (Raise alertness)
    Same for條女呃錢
  10. Whatsapp (Unknown call)
  11. Goodwill (Other)
  12. 香港電信局 (Telecom Broadcasting)
  13. No company person (Other)
    Was given in an email
  14. Dating (Other)
  15. vodafone (Other)
  16. M (Call Missed)
  17. china unicom (Police and Fire)
  18. Dating (Other)
  19. HONG LEONG BANK (Insurance)
  20. jio (Other)
  21. Fisher (Other)
  22. Unknown (Call Missed)
  23. Unknown (Unknown call)
    The hotline claimed that other people are using my Internet connection. After I said I'm just a tenant and did not sign up for the Internet, she sought to end the call quickly. Beware guys!
  24. shanghai video information technology co. (Other)
  25. uptownace (m) sdn bhd (Other)
  26. eXCentral (Unknown call)
    Says he is calling from Kiev Ukraine. Works for eXCentral Trading company
  27. ambitious (Bank investment)
  28. to be confirmed (無聽)
  29. don't know (Call Missed)
  30. Singapore technology engineering (Other)
  31. Trash Heap (Call Missed)
  32. china unicom (Police and Fire)
    He spammed me
  33. Unknown (Unknown call)
    Incoming call is forwarded by caller on pick-up
  34. movistar (Other)
  35. Maxis (Telecom Broadcasting)
  36. Zein (Blocked by software)
  37. unknown (Unknown call)
  38. GoExpress star company (Government agency)
    Asking to pay 12,000hkd
  39. Criminal (Other)
    Criminal activity, something about a booster.
  40. Not sure (No listening)
  41. ah (Other)
  42. Dinah Mays (Non-profit organization)
    https://youtu.be/4lNSLxTBs6g https://youtu.be/0NfF5KluGPQ https://youtu.be/H59WjbUoDNQ https://youtu.be/tjfGR9o_cXE https://youtu.be/p_QjqT8QPao https://youtu.be/ClwXewCiSG0 https://youtu.be/6wpfx-u8eUg https://youtu.be/tXxr1XsSZeg https://youtu.be/auoN5MhIMy0 https://youtu.be/vfjMOLOQQn4 https://youtu.be/vIpGD5Y1rEA
  43. Indonesia Free Speech Community (Political Party/Trade Union)
    This phone number is under investigation due to abuse of username fey#6494 in the discord app to promote ilegal actions against the state of Indonesia over discord community servers.
  44. none (Unknown call)
  45. Whatsapp (Other)
  46. Hk ()
  47. Unknown (Call Missed)
  48. no idea (Call Missed)
  49. HSBC (Other)
    XXX, with ref to your earlier consent during entry submission, we are reaching out to you via whatapps for your instant reward fulfilment. pls refer below for your instant reward of rm18 touch n go ewallet reload pin : 5986732435
  51. DBS bank (Unknown call)
  52. dont know (Unknown call)
    called several time in several days...i ignored them... nowadays have to alert about scammers... beware...
  53. - (Financial Lending)
  54. Malaysia (Unknown call)
    Call by whatsapp, profile picture using DigiCelcom
  55. Hookup express (Other)
  56. HSBC (Other)
    pervert playing porn and moaning on the phone
  57. Unkown (Unknown call)
    """Dear (Name), Please be informed that your following refund(s)/payment(s) has/have been processed successfully :"""
  58. Unknown (Call Missed)
    Unknown number
  59. Facebook (Other)
  60. 不詳 (Unknown call)
  61. Credence recruitment (Other)
  62. ... (Other)
  63. GRUPO PROYUCA, C.A. (Unknown call)
  64. Melinda Beich (Raise alertness)
    FREE Webinar Reveals How I Earned $14,444 per Day Sending simple Emails Register To Discover The $5,203 Per Day Formula Absolutely FREE message me on whatsapp : 009660553501506 or mai me : [email protected] visit our website : https://makemoneyonlineguide2022.systeme.io/
  65. hsbc (Unknown call)
  66. Dating (Other)
  67. EE (Raise alertness)
    texed and then texed again asking for call to number in text
  68. Dah sing bank (Financial Investment)
  69. None (Call Missed)
  70. Nancee Beardsley (Unknown call)
    This is an amazing game video. Watch now and be mind-blown: https://youtu.be/lokPTm64OAE
  71. Unknown (Unknown call)
    I asked the rep to communicate in English as I am poor in Chinese speaking. She said "你英文咁差,你仲話你唔識聽中文?" Amazing reply. She can continue her call center life now.
  72. Tmobile (Other)
  73. Hong Kong Police (Police and Fire)
  74. Unknown (Call Missed)
    Rang and immediately dropped the call
  75. Bitcoin (Financial Investment)
  76. Nil (Other)
  77. Maxis (Telecommunications broadcasting)
  78. HKJC (Other)
    if not member do not answer call if.yes answer it
  79. N/A (Other)
  80. Macao News (Other)

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檢舉電話號碼「To be confirmed」提醒更多人 檢舉電話

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更多To be confirmed以外來電記錄

  1. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  2. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  3. 假入境處 (提高警覺)
  4. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  5. ruby (美容瘦身)
    玩交友apps 搵人做水魚
  6. Bank (財務借貸)
  7. 中國移動 (電訊廣播)
  8. 雅居樂 (不詳)
  9. Uber (不詳)
  10. ASANA ASANA (美容瘦身)
  11. 收數公司 (無聽)
  12. Beauty (美容瘦身)
  13. mpf consultant (不詳)
  14. 地產 (其他)
  15. 周生生 (不詳)
  16. 留言信箱 (不詳)
  17. 姑媽 (不詳)
  18. CD Warehouse (不詳)
  19. 恆生 (財務借貸)
  20. 上商(冒認) (財務借貸)
  21. 無聽 (無聽)
  22. us bank (金融投資)
  23. HSBC customer service (不詳)
  24. 卫生署 (提高警覺)
  25. 匯豐信用咭確認熱線 (不詳)
  26. no name (無聽)
    call at night 22:30
  27. 梁坤銘 (提高警覺)
  28. 假冒公司騙取個人資料 (提高警覺)
  29. citizens bank (不詳)
  30. 我hello 幾次,對方一直不作聲 (不明來電)
  31. 追數 (財務借貸)
  32. 恆生銀行 (不詳)
  33. DBS (財務借貸)
  34. 不詳 (不詳)
    Hangs up, not speaking
  35. 有個男人打黎我屋企講粗口 (不詳)
  36. 不明 (無聽)
  37. Whatapp信息 (無聽)
    Whatapp信息 (不明來電) 話你呃佢公司的女,查到你電話,知你住边,小心你d屋企人,仲send的斬人相來同把刀來話斬你
  38. hsbc (不詳)
  39. 匯豐信用咭確認中心 (不詳)
  40. HSBC (保險)
  41. 佢話渣打銀行 (不詳)
  42. 東亞 (銀行投資)
  43. 擋房 (不詳)
  44. 电话诈骗 (其他)
  45. 恒生 (不詳)
  46. 提高警覺 (提高警覺)
  47. 假冒銀行 (財務借貸)
  48. 寶源建材工程有限公司 (提高警覺)
  49. 衛生署 (政府機構)
  50. MetLife 保險 (保險)
  51. 比特幣 (無聽)
  52. 不知 (不明來電)
  53. 香港天文台打電話問天氣系統 - 電話號碼熱線操作系統 Tel No : 1878200 (不詳)
  54. 金時中國 (其他)
  55. 話微信有問題 (無聽)
  56. 金融投資 (金融投資)
  57. 匯豐 (財務借貸)
  58. 金融投資 (金融投資)
  59. 煤氣公司報錶 (不詳)
  60. UCHE (不明來電)
  61. 詐騙電話 (無聽)
  62. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  63. 泰山公德會 (不詳)
  64. 假裝入境事務處 (不詳)
  65. NA (銀行投資)
  66. 政府機構 (政府機構)
  67. 金融投資 (金融投資)
  68. 香港電訊局 (電訊廣播)
  69. 寶源建材工程有限公司 (其他)
  70. 香港體檢 (其他)
  71. 台南小琪子 (提高警覺)
    當小3 天天開房 去好多摩鐵 旅館 休息做愛 天天打砲 天天爽 無套讓你插到噴 懷孕也不怕 吃藥墮胎 拿掉好 想知道我最喜歡哪一間嗎 我可以推薦喔
  72. nobody Tel (不明來電)
  73. 地產 (不詳)
  74. 大生銀行 (財務借貸)
  75. 地產 (不詳)
  76. 恆生 (銀行投資)
  77. 君怡酒店咖啡屋 (不詳)
  78. 唔出聲 (不詳)
  79. 假中移動 (不詳)
  80. 大眾財務 (無聽)


檢舉電話號碼「To be confirmed」提醒更多人 檢舉電話

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🙋🏻‍♀️收到來電覺得這電話號碼相當有可疑,是To be confirmed推銷還是騙案?

本頁內容關於「To be confirmed」電話號碼由於「To be confirmed」是網友舉報,記錄有一定參考價值但不一定準確,用家應自行分析及作出理性決定。因為關於這JunkCall電話內中資料不能一一去確認,也並非指該公司To be confirmed有任何問題,市民應小心自行判斷有關產品或服務是否適切自己的需要,了解當中的風險以免有金錢上的損失。

To be confirmed這個電話資料庫是怎樣建立的?

廣告電話是環球的問題,但在商業社會裡無償為消費者提供廣告電話資料庫並不常見,而且從消費者角度來說也極少會主動舉報To be confirmed廣告電話號碼。在香港有一班有心人自己出錢出力建立了Junkcall資料庫,為香港人收集廣告電話清單再提供給第三方的攔截來電應用程式,從而達到阻擋廣告電話的目的。

核實來電「To be confirmed」身份就比單純阻擋廣告電話來得複雜?

因為人們只需要把To be confirmed廣告電話擋掉就好,至於它背後是詐騙還是廣告,是銀行促銷還是美容、健身,對消費者而言一點也不重要。但從管理資料庫的角度來看就不是了,用戶舉報這個號碼後,還得確認其身份並加上說明,工作量大而且吃力不討好。





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