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Raise alertness電話號碼

2022-07-05 04:53:13
電話號碼: Raise alertness
電話號碼來自: 香港

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檢舉電話 Raise alertness

Raise alertness來電記錄

  1. 變態不雅 Whatapp (Raise alertness)
  2. . (Raise alertness)
  3. Attention seeker, Susan Neo Bee Leng (Raise alertness)
    Attention seeker, Susan Neo Bee Leng, who spent time making false complaints against colleagues instead of doing work.
  4. Go Express Star Cargo Company (Raise alertness)
    Need to pay for courier as a receiver amounting to HK$5,500 for stamping,custom clearance
  5. 寶源建材工程有限公司~詐騙集團江小姐 (Raise alertness)
  6. Unknown (Raise alertness)
  7. Scammer (Raise alertness)
    They said from HSBC saying someone use your card that amount around RM4000+
  8. Unknown (Raise alertness)
    No One speak
  9. 自稱國安局 (Raise alertness)
  10. 電話錄音自稱藥物管理局 (Raise alertness)
  11. Wayne lim yen yew road rage (Raise alertness)
    Caller is Wayne lim yen yew ex prisoner convict from changi went to prison for 2 road rage cases and hitting a teenager when he quarreled with his father. Later he was sued in court by the other victim for doxxing . https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/jail-ex-cabby-who-threw-drink-can-car https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/smrt-driver-in-kpe-incident-jailed-for-throwing-coke-can-and-coins-at-car https://coconuts.co/singapore/news/former-cab-driver-jailed-4-weeks-over-repeated-road-raging-behaviour/
  12. Attention seeker, Susan Neo Bee Leng (Raise alertness)
    Attention seeker, Susan Neo Bee Leng, who spent time making false complaints against colleagues instead of doing work.
  13. 詐騙 (Raise alertness)
  14. Mailbanger Marketing Lists (Raise alertness)
    Since 2012 Mailbanger.com has been selling optin marketing lists with customer name/contact information to many small and startup businesses. These lists are fantastic for charities looking for donors and contain a wealth of information Here are some of our packages: USA Charity leads with 500 00 records of USA residents who have donations within the last several years: https://www.mailbanger.com/usa-charity-donor-leads USA Power Charity Donors - Over 350 000 USA residents who have made multiple donations within a smaller time frame - great responsive package: https://www.mailbanger.com/power-charity-donors/ Other Charity specific packages: https://www.mailbanger.com/charity-donors-leads/ 2021 USA Homeowner and Residential – 248 million records: https://www.mailbanger.com/2021-usa-homeowner-and-residential-248-million-records 108 million USA consumers with age,cell/home phone/address/email: https://www.mailbanger.com/108-million-usa-consumers-mega-edition We have many more lists - stop wastingtime looking for donors - we have compiled many lists to suit your needs All lists are updated regularly, buy once and its yours so you can use them for many campaigns. They come in Excel files with sortable categories Regards Mailbanger.com
  15. CIMB (Raise alertness)
  16. Scam (Raise alertness)
    在網絡上尋狗。騙徒打電話聲稱失狗在家人家中。不過想要番少少錢作為照顧費,不過唔肯比照片做證明,俾咗身分證相片作擔保,然後不停催促俾錢過數,不過最後證實所有相片都係網絡上copy出嚟,係詐騙電話。lost dog case. Suspect phone number claims the dog is with him and ask for money. All photo and HKID proof is fake.
  17. 黑心陪月陳夢麗 (Raise alertness)
  18. Ona Pilkington (Raise alertness)
    You have a nice website. Let's connect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcpD-y_1yFo&list=PLT7sxXigVU1DPCZxuMKGBMl81zoR4QBld&index=1
  19. SF (Raise alertness)
    China scammer
  20. (Raise alertness)
  21. 旅遊公司 (Raise alertness)
  22. Fake company (Raise alertness)
    scam call attempting to get personal confidential information
  23. Joey tan made yellow face punggol (Raise alertness)
    Mad woman talk to herself in lifts. She has cancer and hepatitis with yellow skin
  24. Did not say (Raise alertness)
    Do Not Answer. Costa Rica Scammers
  25. JunkCall (Raise alertness)
  26. Mc (Raise alertness)
  27. Macau Scam (Raise alertness)
    macau scam syndicate at malaysia
  28. Forex Bitcoin (Raise alertness)
  29. 自稱國安局 (Raise alertness)
  30. HSBC (盜用個人資料) (Raise alertness)
  31. Unknown (Raise alertness)
    Violent rape threats
  32. 唔知 (Raise alertness)
  33. Fake SF express (Raise alertness)
  34. 寶源建材工程有限公司~詐騙公司江小姐集團 (Raise alertness)
  35. Unknown (Raise alertness)
  36. "入境處" 錄音通知 (Raise alertness)
  37. Inland Revenue Board (Raise alertness)
    SCAM reminder: Final warning.... Press 1 to connect to officer. then the alleged officer can connect u direct to the Police for u to pay the alleged tax owning. Report to Police but they were reluctant to investigate. IRB Tax scam.
  38. Unknown (Raise alertness)
    Possible phishing scheme. Message sent through whatsapp with unknown link.
  39. Rania Hasna Rachel Lim (Raise alertness)
    Rania Hasna Rachel Lim came into our office at the start of 2022 by bluffing everyone that she is into art and design. I did not know she did not study art and design at all, but a small time property agent. People are observing her in the office.
  40. 假國安署職員 (Raise alertness)
  41. unknown (Raise alertness)
  42. Unknown (Raise alertness)
    Mainland cunt
  43. Bank (Raise alertness)
    Claim as Bank Official by name Zara
  44. Rania Hasna Rachel Lim (Raise alertness)
    Rania Hasna Rachel Lim is a DISHONEST Real Estate Agent who is money minded!
  45. Debt (Raise alertness)
  46. Rania Hasna Rachel Lim, crazy neighbour who keeps illegal (Raise alertness)
    Rania Hasna Rachel Lim, crazy neighbour who keeps illegal cat in HDB!
  47. MOH (Raise alertness)
  48. Susan Neo Bee Leng (Raise alertness)
    Susan Neo Bee Leng. Have you encountered this person at your workplace?
  49. 詐騙電話 (Raise alertness)
  50. HSBC (Raise alertness)
  51. J & T (Raise alertness)
  52. Scammer (Raise alertness)
    Never give anything they ask. This is scammer
  53. Fake MOH Call (Raise alertness)
    Ask to Press 5 to further assist on trace together
  54. 財仔 (Raise alertness)
  55. - (Raise alertness)
  56. No idea (Raise alertness)
  57. Scam (Raise alertness)
    Chinese speaking, call and claimed that is your friend. Recently just changed phone number. Is a scam call technic.
  58. FRSUD SHAWL (Raise alertness)
    Offer in cheap price before collecting personal and banking data then sell it to third party
  59. 變態 Whatapp (Raise alertness)
  60. 騙子 (Raise alertness)
  61. Personal (Raise alertness)
  62. Attention seeker, Susan Neo Bee Leng (Raise alertness)
    Attention seeker, Susan Neo Bee Leng, who spent time making false complaints against colleagues instead of doing work.
  63. Spam (Raise alertness)
  64. unknown (Raise alertness)
    Random strangers calling and not polite
  65. CIMB (Raise alertness)
    Muhammad syazwan bin eadie azid, No.56,4/32 jln bse,bandar seri ehsan,42700 banting,selangor darul ehsan, Banting, 42700, Selangor
  66. 假公安 (Raise alertness)
  67. unknown (Raise alertness)
    russian accent
  68. / (Raise alertness)
  69. macau scam (Raise alertness)
    this phone scam syndicate now under surveillance
  70. Unknown (Raise alertness)
  71. From Boo Apps (Raise alertness)
    Claim to be David Chong from Keppel but manage to find out thru reliable source he's a scammer, be aware.
  72. 上海公安 (Raise alertness)
  73. Susan Neo Bee Leng, gossip spreader in the office (Raise alertness)
    Susan Neo Bee Leng, gossip spreader in the office. From Yishun. Insecure about herself.
  74. idk (Raise alertness)
  75. (Raise alertness)
  76. Fake Company (Raise alertness)
    Beware of this number, this is a China Prostitute offering Job to Singaporean. She impersonate HR Director from major company trying to offer you job.
  77. unknown (Raise alertness)
  78. 寶源建材工程有限公司 (Raise alertness)
  79. Pathlab singapore (Raise alertness)
    Owned by a mad inferior complex belle chia yoke mei from Imh
  80. Reward u ntuc vouchers (Raise alertness)
    Said that u took part in a contest and won some ntuc vouchers

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更多Raise alertness以外來電記錄

  1. 將軍澳賽馬會普通科門診診所 (不詳)
  2. 不明 (無聽)
  3. 衛生署 (政府機構)
  4. 大新銀行 (銀行投資)
  5. HSBC (無聽)
  6. 恆生銀行 (財務借貸)
  7. 借貸 (財務借貸)
  8. 香港寬频 (電訊廣播)
  9. 富邦銀行 (財務借貸)
  10. 假装匯豐銀行 (財務借貸)
  11. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  12. K.Y. Leung & Co. (不詳)
  13. Welend (財務借貸)
  14. 地產 (不詳)
  15. 假冒中國移動 (無聽)
  16. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  17. 電訊廣播 (電訊廣播)
  18. UA (財務借貸)
  19. Hsbc autopay (不詳)
  20. 中聯地產 (不詳)
  21. LaLa Move (其他)
  22. Wynn Macau (不詳)
  23. 葡京人 (其他)
    應該是之前有send cv去葡京人,今天打來告知詳細事務
  24. 不知所謂 (不詳)
  25. 東亞銀行 (銀行投資)
  26. Chevignon Plaza Hollywood (不詳)
  27. 恒生銀行 (金融投資)
  28. polyu optometry (不詳)
  29. 不詳 (不詳)
  30. 恆生銀行 (財務借貸)
  31. 滙豐銀行 (金融投資)
  32. HKTV mall 跟進 (不詳)
  33. 標保 (提高警覺)
  34. 東亞 (財務借貸)
  35. SPA COLLECTION (美容瘦身)
  36. 億世家 (不詳)
  37. Maybank (財務借貸)
  38. 香港警務處 (不詳)
  39. 地產代理 (其他)
  40. 民意调查 (不詳)
  41. 大新銀行 (財務借貸)
  42. 玩電話冇出聲 (不詳)
  43. 可疑機構 (無聽)
  44. 大耳窿財務 (無聽)
  45. 滙豐 (財務借貸)
  46. 大眾 (銀行投資)
  47. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  48. hang seng (其他)
  49. 大華送貨 (不詳)
  50. Public (財務借貸)
    Loan at low interest rate at 1M dollars
  51. 假中國移動 (提高警覺)
  52. 恆生銀行 (財務借貸)
  53. 衞生署 (提高警覺)
  54. 台灣 (不明來電)
  55. 林崇禮醫生 (不詳)
  56. 大眾信貸 (財務借貸)
  57. 張小姐 (財務借貸)
  58. 雜錦推銷 (無聽)
  59. 大衆財務推消電話 (財務借貸)
  60. 佢話喺花祺銀行 (不詳)
  61. 扮宏利 (保險)
  62. 安信 (財務借貸)
  63. 鎂鎂賓館公司 (不詳)
  64. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  65. 富通 (財務借貸)
  66. 大衆银行 (銀行投資)
  67. 自稱恆生 (財務借貸)
  68. 地產 (其他)
  69. 財務 (財務借貸)
  70. 疑似電話騙案 (不詳)
  71. Bitcon (提高警覺)
  72. 香港房屋委員會客戶服務中心(公屋申請) (不詳)
  73. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  74. 懷疑 (無聽)
    緬甸 欺騙電話
  75. 內地樓盤 (外判推銷)
  76. 黃金冰室(北河街店) (不詳)
  77. 銀行投資 (銀行投資)
  78. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  79. 太易快線 (不詳)
  80. 保險 (保險)


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🙋🏻‍♀️收到來電覺得這電話號碼相當有可疑,是Raise alertness推銷還是騙案?

本頁內容關於「Raise alertness」電話號碼由於「Raise alertness」是網友舉報,記錄有一定參考價值但不一定準確,用家應自行分析及作出理性決定。因為關於這JunkCall電話內中資料不能一一去確認,也並非指該公司Raise alertness有任何問題,市民應小心自行判斷有關產品或服務是否適切自己的需要,了解當中的風險以免有金錢上的損失。

Raise alertness這個電話資料庫是怎樣建立的?

廣告電話是環球的問題,但在商業社會裡無償為消費者提供廣告電話資料庫並不常見,而且從消費者角度來說也極少會主動舉報Raise alertness廣告電話號碼。在香港有一班有心人自己出錢出力建立了Junkcall資料庫,為香港人收集廣告電話清單再提供給第三方的攔截來電應用程式,從而達到阻擋廣告電話的目的。

核實來電「Raise alertness」身份就比單純阻擋廣告電話來得複雜?

因為人們只需要把Raise alertness廣告電話擋掉就好,至於它背後是詐騙還是廣告,是銀行促銷還是美容、健身,對消費者而言一點也不重要。但從管理資料庫的角度來看就不是了,用戶舉報這個號碼後,還得確認其身份並加上說明,工作量大而且吃力不討好。





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