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Unknown 電話號碼

2022-05-19 19:32:36
電話號碼: Unknown
電話號碼來自: 香港

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Unknown 來電記錄

  1. unknown harassing caller (無聽)
  2. binance (Unknown call)
  3. Unknown (無聽)
    Called three times in a roll, must have been done via a system
  4. na (Other)
  5. An unknown number calling from new guinea (無聽)
  6. Unknown (無聽)
  7. Unknown (Unknown call)
  8. St engineering (Other)
    Know about call
  9. Unknown (Call Missed)
  10. ato (Government agency)
  11. Unknown (Call Missed)
  12. JunkCall (Unknown call)
  13. Unknown (保險)
  14. Unknown (Unknown call)
    The hotline claimed that other people are using my Internet connection. After I said I'm just a tenant and did not sign up for the Internet, she sought to end the call quickly. Beware guys!
  15. Scam. Pretends to be your friend.Refuses to say his name when you ask him. Insists that you guess his name. Says how can you not recognise his voice as he always hangs out with you. Assumes the identity of your friend once you guess a name. (Unknown call)
  16. TAC company (Unknown call)
    junkcall 呃人上去interview up 得到你姓乜
  17. Hack (Call Missed)
  18. Unknown (無聽)
  19. 真人勁靚仔 (Unknown call)
  20. unknown (Call Missed)
  21. JunkCall (Call Missed)
  22. Unknown (Call Missed)
  23. unknown 電腦待接 (不詳)
  24. Carol Marshburn (Government agency)
    Hello, I’ll keep this brief and to the point as I know you’re busy. I'm currently looking at businesses who are close to ranking on page one of Google, and noticed that your website URL https://junk-call.com/ca/31520403/8CE8908AE88C9BE886B6E48A9FE8A2.html is currently in the top 100 pages of search results for "foodpanda promo code", which could prove a profitable phrase we can build on and push up the rankings. If I could save you time and get you more leads would you be interested? I'd like to offer you the chance to discuss your business and see where you can make even MORE money, free of charge. Or if you are short on funds and looking for an affordable solution, or maybe you're just plain skeptical (which I completely understand), you can get a Free 14-day SEO link building trial at no risk or cost to you here: https://bit.ly/linkbuildfreetrial Should you decide to continue after the free trial, you'll be billed a very low $49 per month. You can't beat that for 3-tier link building... Have an awesome day and hope to see you on board soon! Take care
  25. es enterprise (Call Missed)
  26. Unknown caller (Call Missed)
  27. "M1" (Unknown call)
    Claims they were from "M1" and regarding the account i was using. Said there was 10 digits in the account number when its not true but it was similar and lesser digits. Even got the amount to pay wrong when I went to check on the app
  28. Wiley Brophy (Police and Fire)
    https://youtu.be/4lNSLxTBs6g https://youtu.be/0NfF5KluGPQ https://youtu.be/H59WjbUoDNQ https://youtu.be/tjfGR9o_cXE https://youtu.be/p_QjqT8QPao https://youtu.be/ClwXewCiSG0 https://youtu.be/6wpfx-u8eUg https://youtu.be/tXxr1XsSZeg https://youtu.be/auoN5MhIMy0 https://youtu.be/vfjMOLOQQn4 https://youtu.be/vIpGD5Y1rEA
  29. Unknown (Unknown call)
  30. Unknown (其他)
  31. Ni (Call Missed)
  32. K;' (Call Missed)
  33. UNKNOWN (Unknown call)
  34. alia (Call Missed)
  35. Unknown (Call Missed)
  36. (Unknown call)
  37. Missed call (Call Missed)
  38. Unknown (Unknown call)
  39. Unknown (Call Missed)
    A few rings and hung up as missed call
  40. unknown (Call Missed)
  41. Unknown (Unknown call)
    Calling in the name of Ministry of health.
  42. did not state any (Unknown call)
    ask about investment, ask about stock if we have any
  43. I don't know this number (Unknown call)
  44. Unknown (Call Missed)
  45. Unknown called from 00:33 (無聽)
  46. Forbes Blog (Blocked by software)
    Christmas special prizes from Forbes. Hurry up https://offers.forbes.blog/offers
  47. Unknown (無聽)
  48. Bad guy (Raise alertness)
    Always call never end
  49. αγγουρια (Call Missed)
  50. Unknown (Unknown call)
  51. REVA (Unknown call)
  52. Unknown (Call Missed)
  53. Nil (Call Missed)
  54. JunkCall (Call Missed)
  55. HSBC (Unknown call)
  56. sex industry selling (Unknown call)
    every one hour make a call to ask for requiring SEX or not. they made 10 calls in 10mins.
  57. "猜猜我是誰"林知梦 (Unknown call)
  58. Unknown company (Raise alertness)
    Let you listen to voice recording in Malay, talking about to transfer your call to some party, already spoke 20 seconds still not mention where is she calling from.
  59. Don't know (Unknown call)
    Automated Chinese language voice.
  60. Unknown (不明來電)
  61. None (Unknown call)
  62. Nil (Call Missed)
  63. YTL (Unknown call)
  64. Idk (Call Missed)
  65. Unknown (無聽)
  66. agent (Unknown call)
    Not in my contact list - probably cold call or financial
  67. Unknown (Unknown call)
    No sound
  68. Unknown (其他)
    呃人話電話異常,將暫停電話服務 叫你交錢
  69. DBS (Unknown call)
    Looks like a spam call
  70. Not sure (Unknown call)
  71. Airtel (Education)
  72. GRUPO PROYUCA, C.A. (Unknown call)
  73. Seeb police (Call Missed)
    They call 3times
  74. Unknown (Unknown call)
    Modus Operandi: Caller called to inform change of number and ask you to guess who he is? Once you made a guess, he will admit that identity to scam you.
  75. Looking for Leo/Neo? (Unknown call)
  76. Unknown (Unknown call)
  77. p (Call Missed)
  78. Aviva Financial Advisers ( INSURANCE ) (Insurance)
  79. Unknown (Call Missed)
  80. 唔知 (Call Missed)

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更多Unknown 以外來電記錄

  1. HKBN (電訊廣播)
  2. 晉榮電器 (不詳)
  3. 保險 (保險)
  4. 雅居樂 (其他)
  5. 政府機構 (提高警覺)
  6. 樓盤推銷 (其他)
  7. 香港寬頻 (不詳)
  8. 大眾銀行 (財務借貸)
  9. 金融投資 (金融投資)
  10. 入境處 (提高警覺)
  11. 體檢 (其他)
  12. 利嘉閣。 (其他)
  13. 假冒銀行 (提高警覺)
  14. 推銷 (不詳)
  15. 自稱國安署 (不明來電)
  16. CSL 轉台 (電訊廣播)
  17. 電訊數碼 (不詳)
  18. 南小館康怡店 (不詳)
  19. Rainbow吸塵机 (不詳)
  20. ua (財務借貸)
  21. 恒生銀行 (財務借貸)
  22. 美容 (不詳)
  23. 不明 (財務借貸)
  24. 源自生话(搭棚公司) (不詳)
  25. 路德會協同中學 (不詳)
  26. 自稱廣東省中山市的地產代理 (其他)
  27. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  28. 不明來電 (無聽)
  29. 打的 app (不詳)
  30. 正福佳冚家剷 (提高警覺)
  31. 大眾借錢 (財務借貸)
  32. 不明 (提高警覺)
    沒有表明身分 做問卷調查 十分可疑
  33. 電話詐騙 (不詳)
  34. 大眾 (財務借貸)
  35. CSL (無聽)
  36. 恒生銀行 (不詳)
  37. 收數 (財務借貸)
  38. 恒生銀行 (銀行投資)
  39. 香港寬頻 (電訊廣播)
  40. 收數 (不詳)
  41. 收數 (無聽)
  42. csl (電訊廣播)
  43. 自願醫管局 (不詳)
  44. 恒生銀行 (不詳)
  45. 假扮入境事務處 (不詳)
  46. 地產 (其他)
  47. 銀聯 (財務借貸)
  48. 金融投資 (金融投資)
  49. My Tv stuper (不詳)
  50. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  51. China mobile (電訊廣播)
  52. gets (不詳)
  53. 自稱宏利強積金 (提高警覺)
    聲稱MPF更新條款,問你有無收到信件,再問你近邊區,搵同事同你跟進。 我話有自己agent跟進,你代表宏利打黎無記錄既咩? 對方即刻cut線。
  54. Hsbc (不詳)
  55. 永安旅遊 (不詳)
  56. 大陸房地產 (其他)
  57. 集友銀行 (銀行投資)
  58. 匯豐真電話 (不詳)
  59. 大灣區地產 (地產物業)
  60. 中國移動 (提高警覺)
  61. 扮中國移動 (提高警覺)
  62. 美容 (美容瘦身)
  63. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  64. 渣打銀行(香港)有限公司 (不詳)
  65. 地產 (不詳)
  66. 美容瘦身 (美容瘦身)
  67. 金融投資 (金融投資)
  68. 問卷調查 (外判推銷)
  69. 私人 (其他)
  70. HSBC (不詳)
  71. china mobile (其他)
  72. 大灣區賣樓 (銀行投資)
  73. 白蘭氏 (其他)
  74. HSBC (無聽)
  75. HKTV mall (不詳)
  76. 資產理財 (財務借貸)
  77. HSBC (財務借貸)
  78. 中山樓盤 (其他)
  79. 敦倫敦人酒店 (會籍消費)
    自稱倫敦人推廣部(詐騙) 致電澳門倫敦人酒店清楚表明沒有做任何推廣的活動
  80. 富臨皇宮 (不詳)


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🙋🏻‍♀️收到來電覺得這電話號碼相當有可疑,是Unknown 推銷還是騙案?

本頁內容關於「Unknown 」電話號碼由於「Unknown 」是網友舉報,記錄有一定參考價值但不一定準確,用家應自行分析及作出理性決定。因為關於這JunkCall電話內中資料不能一一去確認,也並非指該公司Unknown 有任何問題,市民應小心自行判斷有關產品或服務是否適切自己的需要,了解當中的風險以免有金錢上的損失。

Unknown 這個電話資料庫是怎樣建立的?

廣告電話是環球的問題,但在商業社會裡無償為消費者提供廣告電話資料庫並不常見,而且從消費者角度來說也極少會主動舉報Unknown 廣告電話號碼。在香港有一班有心人自己出錢出力建立了Junkcall資料庫,為香港人收集廣告電話清單再提供給第三方的攔截來電應用程式,從而達到阻擋廣告電話的目的。

核實來電「Unknown 」身份就比單純阻擋廣告電話來得複雜?

因為人們只需要把Unknown 廣告電話擋掉就好,至於它背後是詐騙還是廣告,是銀行促銷還是美容、健身,對消費者而言一點也不重要。但從管理資料庫的角度來看就不是了,用戶舉報這個號碼後,還得確認其身份並加上說明,工作量大而且吃力不討好。





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